This purity test is the replica of the official Rice Purity Test that started at Rice University.

Take the test by clicking on the button above and find out your purity score now! Challenge your mates and see if they can beat you here.

The Average score in the Rice Purity test is 72 considering only those students who said that they study at Rice University.

This score can vary for other universities. If you want to know more about this ,rice purity quiz, steps to play, and what do your purity score means, read this post further.

  1. What is the Rice Purity Test?

Rice Purity Test is an interesting survey containing 100 questions from different walks of adult life aimed to determine your ‘purity‘.

Generally, the questions are related to romance, alcohol, police, etc. – the typical college student things! Believe me, this test is more quirky than you would think and I am sure you are gonna enjoy taking it.

For your information, the Rice Purity Test first came into existence in 1924 at Rice University. It was made just to test how mature the O-week students are and helped them to bond with the senior groups.

After the Rice University, this purity test was adopted by other colleges turned into Berkley Purity Test, UCLA Purity Test, and more.

  1. What does Rice Purity Score Means?

After you complete the test, you will get your Rice purity score which is a number on a scale of 0-100. But, what does this score tells about you? How this number defines your ‘purity’? Let me tell you the rice purity score meaning in detail.

Between 100 and 98 - A score between 100 – 98 means you are a very pure, innocent, and introverted person who is highly unlikely to socialize with senior groups. Or, you might be a young teenager taking the test for fun. ?

Between 97 and 94 - This score also means that you are a fairly pure person. You are away from nasty things and have almost zero romantic experiences. All you have done in the name of ‘romance’ is holding hands or a first kiss (in some cases).

Between 93 and 77 - If your rice purity score falls in this range then you are like most other college students in the US. You have had a couple of relationships in your life including romantic dates etc. But, still, you’re away from being kinky in bed.

Between 76 and 45 - With a score between 45 and 76, you have done quite a lot being just a college student. Getting drunk or having sexual experiences, you have been there, done that! Still, you are sane enough to abide by the law and illegal stuff.

Between 44 and 9 - A score below 9 on the rice purity test clearly states that you love to live wild. Nobody would be surprised to see drugs or getting caught by the police for breaking the laws. You also experiment a lot while in bed with your partner.

Between 0 and 9 - If you’ve scored between 0 – 9, you are probably the most popular guy in your college (for all the wrong reasons!). You have a life with all the wild stuff and there are chances you even have had near-death events in your life.

  1. Education Comes First Education makes a person independent. All of us know that education is the main and the most crucial thing in building personality. Education stimulates the growth of the brain of a person, which in turn helps to develop a distinct personality of the person.

Moreover, education helps a person to make an identity of his own in society. After all, we have so many examples of educated personalities that create a positive mark in our hearts. One great example is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

The level of education that he had is strong enough to give us an idea of how strong his personality is. Therefore, education should be the priority to score well in the rice purity test

  1. Relationships

Now, maintaining good relations with the people of your environment shows that the person carries a good personality.

To illustrate, a person who’s a relation with his parents, friends, or fellow beings is perfect enough, it shows or helps to determine that the personality of the person is bright, cheerful, and a positive one.

Therefore, as slowly and steadily, one tries to maintain a healthy and cordial relationship with the people, it starts adding a plus point to the personality.

  1. Conclusion

Above we talked about the rice purity test is a self-reviewed test that has been made by the rice college only to check the purity level of people. One who needs to give a rice purity test should comprehend 100 distinct classifications of grown-up inquiries. What’s more, after giving you get an outcome between 0 to 100 where 0 is the least purity level and 100 is the most purity level.